Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Hallmark Movies Hit and Miss

And by miss I mean missed by a crazy unreasonable amount. Now, I am not gonna lie, I love Holiday movies. There is something about holiday movies that make even the most obscene;y cheesy and corny movies bearable. Perhaps it is the massive amounts of hot cocoa I consume while watching them. There is however no amount of hot cocoa that can redeem some of these monstrosities!

There are two movies in particular that I recently watched. The hit was Christmas with Holly, sorry world this movie was pretty freaking fantastic. And the miss was Hitched for the Holidays, again, sorry world, this movie made me want to write angry letters to the director, producer and pretty much anyone that allowed that movie to exist. STOP RUINING MY HOLIDAY BUZZ!

Christmas with Holly, was beautiful for so many reasons foremost among them was THIS MAN Sean Faris

who looks eerily similar to a young Tom Cruise! 

Maybe imagine Tom Cruise with a little less dirt, before he went crazy and with an adorable little niece who he loves with all his beautiful heart.

precious times a million I know. 

Also there is a wonderful drooly dog names Olive who just wanders about being awesome. And I Fairy House and wonderful realistic romance betwixt adults who are honest with each other. 
What? Our relationship isn't based on lies? And it's working? AMAZING! 
Also this girl irish step dances like a winner. 


Hitch for the Holidays

I typically don't like these movies with the lying to families and the like, it just seems like contrary to the spirit of the holidays to deceive your friends and family. So these two crazies, I call them boy swagger and the preternaturally pale 

basically she posts a craigslist ad for a holiday escort and this attractive gentleman answers and THEY FALL IN LOVE against all odds blah blah blah. 

There were so many random unnecessary twists in this movie. Needless to say it ended with Rob Lowe chasing down her cab as she left her new year's eve party o HORSEBACK. the police officer to whom the horse belonged chased him down (a.k.a. rob lowe didn't actually need to horse to chase down that cab), didn't arrest him, but admonished him to marry that nice girl or face justice. 

I can't even articulate how ridiculous a movie this was. At the end when a normal movie would have just ended you know, rolled the credits, but instead this piece of shit movie ended by telling us how all the characters lives ended up AS IF IT WERE BASED ON A TRUE STORY. How dare it HOW DARE!?!?!

In conclusion, Christmas with Holly ruled, and this other one Sucked!