Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why I Luurv Celebrity Crushes

Let's be real ladies and gentlemen, everyone has a celebrity crush. Some are a little stranger than others but everyone has a this propensity to think some guy we've seen in a movie or on tv will make us happy. And while this may seem unhealthy and unproductive, I feel like to a certain extent it is necessary for happiness.

Now I'm just going to go ahead and reveal some of my more intense crushes such as James McAvoy (oh if only you were taller/an actual possibility for me). Now I first started to have gushy teenage feelings about ol' McAvoy when I watched the Children of Dune miniseries on the SyFy channel, that's right, I'm that cool, and for all you judgers out there I challenge you to watch it too, you'll see what I mean if you do (hint: he's shirtless the entire time!)

teen Schmahlo was down!
Now I admit he is more attractive/mature now, but take into account I was in high school and that was the pinnacle of dreaminess.

James may have been my first real celebrity crush (I'm not counting JC from n'sync) but he was by no means my last. I'm currently suffering from a Michael Fassbender craze which made X-Men First Class especially difficult to watch because both my obsessions were in it, and they had a beautiful bromance together (le sigh). Typically I don't even really have these celebrity crushes on actual real people. Usually it's just the character they are protraying that gets my gears turning, if you forgive the crass language. For instance I couldn't care two figs for ol' Fassenbender until he played Mr. Rochester in the most recent Jane Eyre movie. Mr. Rochester has long been a favorite male protagonist of mine and basically anyone who has ever played him ever will eternally be on my list of who I would be willing to do anything for a chance with (actually that's a lie I only like Michael Fassbender and Toby Stevens from the 2006 masterpiece theater miniseries). 

grab me a slice of that broody english pie!
All that being said, I realize that many people view these obsessions as unhealthy or indicative of a less than sane mind, but I disagree. They are pivotal to how we form relationships in our own lives. For young people who've never had actual real relationships the TV show and movie characters do a decent job of showing the frailties of the human condition (a.k.a. no one is perfect) without completely destroying all hope for their own futures. So thank you beautiful men and women in the TV you make me not hate my fellow man as much.

Maybe for some people their fake relationships with fictional characters impede their potential for true and lasting real life relationships but in my experience this isn't the case. In fact I'm usually more down to socialize with others after a wonderful movie where I could fantasize the entire time about being the leading lady next to that leading man. Those emotions we feel in the midst of someone else's fictional drama almost seem to jump start our own internal drives to interact with others. All I know is the longer it's been since I've seen a romantic comedy with a drool worthy man the less likely I am to check my online dating profiles/respond to advances from the opposite sex, cause let's be honest social interaction is a lot of work when it's with someone new (I guess it's not a lot of work for everyone but I'm basically a hermit).

We never really see those issues occur in TV dramas and so we are inspired to take the plunge and just go for it. The norm is for everything to work out in the end and that consistent message gives us all the internal optimism it takes to just get out there and do it. Lusting after fictional men/women provides us with the incentive to actually go out and find a nonfictional man/woman. As much as I am usually against nonfiction when it comes to my television or books I am all for it in regards to my actual life.

So LAY OFF MY FICTIONAL CRUSHES they are literally the only thing keeping me from becoming the recluse that I could totally become if given the chance.

Ummmmm.... HELL YEAH


  1. I literally just had a dream that Jason Gordon-Levitt made out with me. BEST DREAM EVER.

  2. James whomever looks like a lady.